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So it been awhile since I’ve posted but as far as I know no one really reads this so…o well. I’ve had a really great week with business. I’m so excited to be shooting outside with all the nice weather and I’ve had senior shoots that really set the tone and the bar high. I been working quite a bit with MCH  Dr head shots – candids for events – mini magazine that they put out – Billboards.

Thanks to Matt ( my brother ) for a nice deal on a nice wood floor for a section in the back of my studio.

For those who don’t know I’ve been an EMT for Mendota for the last 6ish months and I’m realllly close to having my Fire Fighter certification.  Been taking classes in a near by accadmey for the last 6 months. I’m not changing my profession. This is only an on the side thing and when I’m not in the middle of a photo session I’ll take a call if they need me. It has been increadable rewarding.

Orders to do.

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